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WebCanDo adds Cloudflare
We’ve recently rolled out CloudFlare on all of our shared, business and reseller servers. CloudFlare is a unique plugin designed to enhance performance and security. It acts as both a CDN (content delivery network) and an application level firewall, filtering out frequent bots, hacking attempts and attackers while delivering good visitors to your website. CloudFlare’s basic service is completely free for all WebCanDo customers and our integration with CloudFlare means you can instantly deploy it through cPanel. To find out more about CloudFlare, you can visit their website at Be sure to check out the cPanel plug-in!
Google $100 Adword Coupons Available
04-02-2011 can provide free Google Adwords trial coupons for $100 in traffic. Coupons expire on April 22nd, 2011 and are available for new AdWords accounts. Contact WebCanDo Sales support at for additional details. Limited time offer. Regards WebCanDo Admin