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Data Center Overview

Our servers are in 9 Class A Data Centers.

  • Denver, CO within the Verio NAP
  • Miami, FL within the NAP of the Americas
  • Atlanta, Georgia within the Atlanta NAP
  • Dallas, Texas within The Planet
  • Clifton, NJ within the FortressITX
  • Los Angeles, CA within CRG West, 1 Wilshire
  • Ashburn, VA within the Ashburn IDC4
  • Chicago, IL within the Equinix Center
  • Melbourne, Australia within Pipe Networks

Our connectivity comes from multiple redundant 1000 Mbps GIG-E connections to the Internet via several of the largest tier-1 backbones in existence (including Qwest, AT&T, Verizon, COGENT, Sprint, Level3, and Time Warner). All servers are housed in secure racks in an air-conditioned, static electricity controlled environment behind locked doors and full security system. They are protected by surge suppression and power management systems to ensure uninterrupted server operations. A professional team of highly trained technicians monitors the network 24/7/365 to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted operation of your site and server.

* Multiple, redundant high speed 1000 MB GIG-E connections designed not to exceed 60% capacity.
* Diverse upstream connectivity through multiple large Tier 1 providers.
* Diverse network gateway platform fully meshed for maximum uptime.
* Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) end-user intelligent routing software.

* N+1 redundancy in all systems.
* 48V DC power plant with redundant "A" and "B" circuits.
* Single-point grounding system as required by the NEMA code.
* UPS output capacity engineered at 375 KVA.
* 4-hour Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries.
* Backup generators with 24 x 7 national maintenance contract.

* 24/7/365 on-site security staff.
* 24/7/365 national real time monitoring of all alarm and intrusion systems.
* Closed-circuit television surveillance system throughout facilities.
* Strict access control system covering all interior areas monitored and controlled.

* Custom HVAC design that supports the cooling loads required for data center.
* Raised flooring in the cabinet space for improved airflow. Cabinets are bolted into the main floor.
* State-of-the-art Building Management Systems monitored 24/7/365 from Network Operations Center.

Fire Protection
* Dry-Pipe, Pre-Action double interlock fire suppression system.
* The fire detection system consists of both smoke and high temperature heat detectors.
* Zone specific discharge.
* Early warning VESDA fire detection systems.

* 23-inch mounting rails that will accommodate equipment that require 19 inches.
* 18 available mounting positions for full cabinets.
* Redundant 120 Volt A/C, 15 amp, "A" and "B" power receptacle feeds.

WebCanDo Servers

Operating Systems
* CentOS Linux, Windows 2003/2008

Dell Dual Core Opterons, Xeon or Pentium Processors
* Dual Core and Quad Core processors on servers.
* Ultra320 SCSI drives, High Capacity SATA hard disks.
* 4 - 8 Gig of DDR RAM memory
* RAID1 or RAID5.
* Cpanel or Hsphere Control Panels

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