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Server Exchange
WebCanDo offers a full range of fully managed, dedicated Microsoft Exchange Server solutions designed to meet the needs of clients with requirements for large amounts of mailbox or public storage disk space.

The server solution delivers the storage you need to provide all of your users with large mailbox sizes while allowing your organization enough shared storage to meet even the most demanding needs. Best of all, you control how much disk space each user is permitted and what other allowances are available to your end-users.

Dedicated Exchange Server solutions provide your organization with your own private Microsoft Exchange Server for hosting email mailboxes and shared public folders. Standard implementations deploy using shared Active Directory domain controllers, shared Microsoft Exchange front-end gateways and firewalls.

Operating System: Windows 2003 or 2008
Processor: Intel Xeon EMT64 3.0-3.2GHz
Hard Disk: 4 X 72 GB SCSI
Bandwidth: 3TB
Control Panel: Domain, Hosting and Exchange Admin
Options: Outlook 2007, Spam and Virus Filters
1 month $499.99
3 month $0.00
6 month $0.00
12 month $0.00
Setup Fee $499.99

WebCanDo adds Cloudflare
We’ve recently rolled out CloudFlare on all of our shared, business and reseller servers. CloudFlare is a unique plugin designed to enhance performance and security. It acts as both a CDN (content delivery network) and an application level firewall, filtering out frequent bots, hacking attempts and attackers while delivering good visitors to your website. CloudFlare’s basic service is completely free for all WebCanDo customers and our integration with CloudFlare means you can instantly deploy it through cPanel. To find out more about CloudFlare, you can visit their website at Be sure to check out the cPanel plug-in!
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