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What is Google Apps™ ?
Google Apps™ provides cost effective powerful communication, collaboration, security and compliance tools to businesses, schools and non profit organizations without the usual IT hassle and cost.

WebCanDo.com provides Google Apps™ consulting and support. We specialize in providing professional services including Google Apps™ setup, provisioning, data migration, remote service administration, help desk support, and much more.

  • Domain Provisioning: Set up Google Apps™ for your domain.
  • Data Migration: Carry over existing email messages and documents into Google Apps™.
  • Configuration and Customization: Configure Google Apps™ settings and configure company intranet.
  • Mobile and Desktop Access: Set up iPhone, Smartphone and POP3.
  • Training: Train employees to use Google Apps™ and administrators to perform maintenance tasks.
  • API Integrations: Develop custom extensions and infrastructure integrations with Google's APIs.
  • Application Development: Develop lightweight web applications (Google Gadgets) that plug into the Start Page.
  • Remote Managed Services: Administer Google Apps™ remotely with the web-based control panel
  • Helpdesk Services: End-user support complements Google's support offering for domain administrators.
  • Google Analytics Setup: Monitor your website's access statistics.

Google Apps Setup Package $ 199.99 

Includes one domain, site setup, documents, calendar configuration and email provisioning for 50 users. The package also includes two hours of setup and training for Google Apps™ administrator.
Additional users $ 2.00 each.

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Google Voice + Google Apps = Unified Suite of Messaging and Voice solutions.

Google Voice Features:

  • One number: a single phone number that rings all your phones

  • Free SMS: send, receive & store text messages online

  • Block calls: send unwanted callers straight to voicemail

  • Record calls: record phone calls and store them online

  • Conference calls: join several people into a single call

  • Screen callers: hear who is calling before you pick up

  • Google voicemail: voicemail like email

  • Voicemail transcription: read what your voicemail says

  • Custom greetings: vary voicemail greetings by caller

  • International calling: low cost calls to the world

  • Notifications: read voicemail messages via email or SMS

  • Share voicemails: forward, embed, or download voicemails

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Google Apps™ service is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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